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Sol Transaction began offering transaction management in March 1996 and has closed approximately 7,500 transactions for hundreds of real estate agents. Sol Transaction offered a solution to the "one man show" coordination concept that existed in real estate until then. Typically an individual coordinator handled transactions and the agent relied on that person being available.

Sol Transaction began offering transaction management utilizing a staff of coordinators who were supported by a software database. Their coordinators support each other and offer their clients the luxuries only a staffed, software-supported coordinator and company can provide.

Sol Transaction has perfected a system and services that will help Real Estate Agents at any stage of their careers perform at a higher level. Agents who are new to the business, doing multiple transactions per month, have one assistant or more, will benefit from our expertise and experience. Sol Transaction will free up the time it takes to complete redundant tasks and paperwork associated with every transaction. This will allow all effort, be it an individual agent or an agents team, to be put toward finding new business.

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