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The Transaction Coordinators we employ are the best in the business and the key to our success as a company. Your coordinator functions as an integral part of your business model and a member of your team. Your coordinator will learn your business specific system and will adapt to your way of doing business. On the contrary, for you to learn our system is trivial; you can completely let go of the redundant activities that keep you from handling more transactions.

Our coordinators do not need training or be told what to do, they stay up-to-date on new disclosures and offer the benefits only a staffed coordination company can. There will always be someone available to work on your transactions regardless of sick time or vacation.

Your coordinator will have the support of a staff when they get busy, so we will never turn your deals away. Your coordinator does not need to be put on your payroll and we only collect our fee if there is a successful sale, so your coordinator is a stakeholder, in partnership with you, driving your transaction to close.

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