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Transaction Management Software
Sol Transaction uses an inclusive software package we designed and created to our specifications, to function in the real estate industry. Our software sets us apart from any other coordination service or individual coordinator on the market. Our software organizes all the transaction specific information and allows our coordinators the ability to provide our client's transaction status reports and contact sheets. Your coordinator will log every phone call and email related to the transaction in our communication log and maintain the log throughout the transaction. Your coordinator will also send your inspector a report that covers all the information they need to do their job.

Sol Access
Our transaction management service is now available to our clients online. We are merging personalized, professional service and building on our industry specific technology, offering the best of both worlds to our clients. Sol Transaction already supports our clients with the best transaction coordinators and a proprietary software program, doing so for the last 8 years; now our clients will be able to access their transactions anytime, anywhere.

Sol Access will provide our clients the ability to:

  • View their list of transactions, organized by status, by utilizing a private access code
  • View, print and email all disclosures, transaction status reports, contact sheets, signed contracts and Inspection Reports related to each transaction
  • Keep your buyers and sellers up-to-date by providing our reports by email with one click
  • Email your transaction coordinator while you are viewing reports with one click
  • Perform all these tasks anytime, anywhere

Our latest technology will show your clients you are utilizing the finest tool available to help them succeed and help you achieve greater referral business.

Sample Sol Access
To get a feel for what it is like to login as a client user, please click the sol access login button and enter the following:
Username: Sample
Password: Trans
(case sensitive)

This will allow you to navigate and view our reports and the uploaded disclosures.

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