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The steps we take closing a transaction:

Your personal coordinator will order all required inspections, control and disperse all reports and provide inspectors title information to submit bills. Your coordinator will always attempt to schedule all required inspections on the same day to try and save you and your client additional time as well as follow-up on repairs and obtain clearances from repair companies.

As we all know, none of the required tasks closing a transaction can be more time consuming than completing the disclosure process and staying up-to-date on new disclosures. We are always up-to-date on the newest disclosures and will make sure they are included in your packet. Your coordinator will also order, prepare, and deliver the disclosures wherever you specify, as well as, confirm that all parties have signed and initialed every required disclosure. When this is completed you, your office and your client will receive copies of all the signed required disclosures.

Your coordinator will submit the purchase contract; all escrow information and follow-up on lender approval. Also, your coordinator will be in close contact with your lender to make sure all pertinent information and documentation has been delivered throughout the transaction.

Regardless of which side of the transaction you are on, your coordinator will be in close contact with your chosen escrow officer. Together they will build a relationship where they can exchange all information needed to close your transaction successfully:

  • Open and close Escrow
  • Submit purchase contract
  • Ensure deposit check is in title and obtain copy of the receipt
  • Ensure distribution of prelims, CC&R's and HOA's
  • Ensure title receives loan documentation
  • Ensure Agent receives net sheet from title prior to sign-off
  • Schedule signoffs
  • Ensure funding
  • Ensure recording of title is accomplished

Miscellaneous Documentation
Your coordinator will order all required documentation including the geological and environmental, home warranty and tax disclosure. Your coordinator will save you time wherever possible.

Your coordinator will keep your deals together and drive the transaction by continually phoning and/or emailing you and the other agent reminders throughout the transaction. Also, your coordinator will remind you and the other agent about contingency dates, ordering fire insurance, or rent backs. You receive constant communication to ensure you are aware of all activities done on your behalf.

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